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Contact Information

Nikolas Bennion Bradshaw
Salt Lake City, Utah
Email me at [email protected]
Call me at (801) 441-0918 or text me

Product Information

I provide hosting, CDN, SMS, email, ERP, network security, WordPress setup, API tools, and many other software packages. I make custom software designed for your needs. Sometimes, like with SMS tools, it requires purchasing "credits" for it to works. This is usually due to reliance on a third party service and would be outlined in our deal.

Besides software, my service can include server hardware and licenses from other companies. I only charge what I am charged in regards to third party pricing, I never tack-on additional fees for being a middle man.

Payment Methods

Personal checks, money orders, cash, and credit cards are all accepted forms of payments. I use Stripe,, PayPal, and other payment processors to accept payments as well.

Refunds & Disputes

Payment terms may vary from project to project and customer to customer. If you have a payment you'd like to dispute, please contact me.

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