Nikolas Bennion Bradshaw

Software Engineer & IT Professional

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Nikolas Bennion Bradshaw
Salt Lake City, Utah
Email me at [email protected]
Call me at (801) 441-0918 or text me

Professional Summary

Software engineer with extensive experience working with enterprise environments & sensitive data. I have a diverse background ranging from helping small businesses and startups to large enterprises and government organizations. I have a personal drive to always know the current technologies and to understand and plan for the future of the technology industry. I'm an advocate for stronger privacy, both for companies and for people.


Freelance Full Stack Developer - See projects
2014 - Current
I listened to client needs to create a software package and a business package that will enable increased sales, professional services, and customer satisfaction. I did all this while reducing business costs, barriers to sales, and reducing security threats.

Test Engineer at Ivanti (formerly LANDesk)
05/15/2017 - 08/04/2017 (contract)
I formulated test cases for the Ivanti Avalanche team creating small and medium tests for their dark networked mobile device management tool known as Avalanche. Worked with a talented team to ensure high quality and bug free code that could be deployed to hundreds of thousands of devices.

Software Engineer at ARUP Laboratories
05/06/2016 - 12/13/2016 (contract)
While working at ARUP I was placed on a highly skilled team called Informatics Small Projects. We worked with several other programming teams to coordinate the release of new features and bug fixes. We dealt with patient and doctor information in a highly secure environment.

Software Engineer at Vant4ge (formerly
2013 - 2016
I managed support of several large governmental institutions on an expansive array of products. I developed new features, fixed bugs, and kept our clients and our revenue stream steady.

Web Devloper / Android App Developer / Graphic Designer at Spring Mobile
2012 - 2013
During my tenure at Spring Mobile I was the sole source for all graphics (physical and digital), as well as maintaining their public and internal website and tools. I led, on my own, an effort to make their business tools available to employees on their mobile devices.


EZ Rent to Own
EZ Rent to Own has been a special client of mine as I've worked closely with them for many years now. I created their website, manage the hosting, domain, email, store, and soon their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). I am making specialized software for them based off the ERPNext project to modernize and disrupt the Rent To Own industry.

Overcranked Pictures
Overcranked Pictures is a digital media company that just needed some simple services such as domain management and server hosting as well as setting up a "social network" to connect creators.

Bull Of The Woods Books
Author Fred Civish is a published writer who needed a simple website and simple email setup at the lowest cost possible. I'm proud to admit his costs for email, domain regstration, server hosting, and SSL fees are all $0 and he is able to have his small website entirely free of cost to him and no cost to myself.


Software Development at Western Governors University


Available upon request. I don't want to post other people's private contact information online.

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